Her life is her art.

I’m an idealist by nature, a dreamer, an imaginative. I live for natural light and yoga and am perpetually organized. My soul loves to wander, especially back in time, and I’m only truly happy when surrounded by antiquity or things of bygone eras. Though an interior designer by trade, my true passions are travel, writing, photography, and all things cultural or creative. Making everything beautiful is what I live for.

Seeking out the ‘everydays’ and the stories of other people across the world through travel feeds my never ending curiosity and hunger for more out of this life. The best aspect of travel, to me, is the idea that we get to escape into another person’s everyday, and by experiencing this other reality we become more open to the world, to others, and feel more alive because of it. I am most content when I am free to just observe the beautiful world.

I hope I capture, for you, the essence that we can view every day as an approach to allow ourselves beauty, love, and light. That is the philosophy that encompasses The Artful Everyday.

Thanks for being here.

xx Maggie


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